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Growth in number of countries where Northeastern has placed students in experiential learning opportunities since 2006


  • No. of countries
  • 2006–2007


  • No. of countries
  • 2011–2012


  • No. of countries
  • 2014–2015


  • No. of countries
  • 2017–2018
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Expanding the network globally


Students had a global learning experience, 2017–2018


Co-op placements in 2017–2018, up from 6,301 in 2006–2007


Co-op employers in the U.S. and globally, 2017–2018

Transforming experience

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Faculty and students are beta-testing a new approach to experiential education: Self-Authored Integrated Learning, or SAIL. Developed at Northeastern and grounded in research, SAIL offers a framework for extracting meaning, not just from coursework and co-op, but from everyday experiences—on the playing field, during late-night dorm debates, and with new friends in Beijing.

SAIL enables students to master skills and abilities along five dimensions: intellectual agility; social consciousness and commitment; global mindset; professional and personal effectiveness; and well-being. Critically, it also helps them transfer knowledge gained in one context to any new situation—the key to adapting to a swiftly changing world.

Richness of Experience

"The most attractive part for me was being able to see what it takes to start and run a business. There are so many startups here and so many people who are very ambitious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already been asked 'What are you working on?'"

Alexy Santos, DMSB’20

"Cuba is an island full of paradoxes. It has an innate beauty and its people have an open mindedness that is unmatched, but there is also a lot of internal conflict and we heard some heart-wrenching stories."

Alejandro Serrano, AMD’20

"At Massachusetts General Hospital, I'm working on a self-designed research project and a rewarding moment came when I finally got the results I wanted after weeks of work. That feeling is why I always want to do research."

Kritika Singh, E’20

"During my past year and a half in Berlin, I grew tremendously as a person. In particular, I worked on a product design team at a startup. When I return to campus, I'll have a better sense of what I want from my classes and professional experiences."

Sharon Chan, AMD’19

"Service-learning is one of the most fulfilling things you can do at Northeastern. It's my favorite form of experiential learning—a way to give back to the Boston community and grow as a person and make amazing friends. In the S-L program, everyone loves their service, and each other."

Cassandra Barrett, S/SSH’21


Getting immersed in startup culture


Living amid Cuba's paradoxes


Feeling the rewards of discovery


Bringing Berlin back to Boston


Growing by giving back

Lifelong learning anywhere, anytime


Experiential opportunities for graduate students in online programs through more than 900 employers in the Experiential Network


Increase in graduate enrollment since 2013–2014


Campuses: Boston, Bay Area, CA, Seattle, Toronto, and Charlotte, NC

Deepening employee partnerships

Accelerating GE workers Accelerating GE workers

Northeastern is delivering customized learning to employees of Wellington Management and the Hoffmann Group in Germany through programs in data analytics and the internet of things, respectively. In its preferred-partners programs, Northeastern has served 47 members of the Boston Ballet and enrolled 26 players from Major League Baseball.

Mastering data

Amit Shinde Amit Shinde

Amit Shinde says analyzing data effectively is critical to his position as a lead engineer for VSP Vision Care in Sacramento, California. Northeastern's Master of Professional Studies in Analytics was just what he needed to become a more creative, confident professional. "The combination of theory and programming knowledge was most valuable to me. I was able to get the complete cycle of data-analysis process in an organization."

High talent, high achievement

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Mean two-part SAT score for fall 2018 enrolled freshmen


External awards for academic excellence in 2017–2018 won by Northeastern students and recent graduates, including 16 awards supporting global study and leadership

Diversity of experiences


Growth since 2011–2012 in number of students engaging in at least one international experience


Growth in enrollment of students of color since 2006


Number of students participating in at least one of 416 student organizations, 2017–2018

We're #1

The mens hockey team defeated Boston University Terriers 5-2 on February 12, 2018 to claim Northeastern's first mens Beanpot championship since 1988.